I’m back in the office … sort of

Sent to my personal list …

1. I’m back in the office. The sheetrock looks nice, with a light yellow color and white trim. Great, great improvement over the rotting wood that was here. Yeah!

2. The carpenter didn’t finish the wood shelving and the wood he used is inferior. Boo!

3. Jillions of young people are assembling at my house at this moment (and Joel’s running taxi service between the house and the bus station), for Joel’s going away party. Yeah!

4. I’m going to be working most of the day, so I’ll miss the festivities. Boo!

5. I will go back for lunch. Yeah!

6. All my books are back out of storage, and looks like they didn’t suffer too badly. Yeah!

7. I’ll have to wait until I get back from the U.S. (Aug. 9-24) to unpack the books and put them on the shelves. Boo!

8. My PC and Internet is working at the office. Yeah!

9. I burned up the cordless phone I receive free from the phone company, when it was switched to 110 (for home) and I stuck it in a 220 plug. Double boo!

10. I think I have too much stuff. That depresses me, so to feel better, I think I’ll go buy a new book. Boo! Yeah!

11. I got the manuscripts finished last night about 8 p.m. Yeah!

12. This has been the craziest two weeks that I can remember in a long time. Whew!

J. Randal Matheny

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