‘I’ll grab your ankle on the way up’


Paulinho was preaching this morning from Mt 25.1-13, being prepared for the Lord’s coming. Take-off on the supposed end on the 21st.

He told about a colleague at work who’d taken the Bible correspondence course Paulinho offered him. He finished it, and Paulinho kept asking him about a decision.

Finally, his friend said that instead of obeying now, he’d wait until Jesus came and then grab Paulinho’s ankle as he went up to meet the Lord in the air.

Paulinho used it to say that, like the unprepared virgins, no one can borrow another’s obedience to be saved.

There is no salvation by proxy. So we had better rush out right now and buy our oil.

The painting is of the five wise virgins in Jesus’ parable, but I know have no idea where it came from.

J. Randal Matheny

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