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Mountain of hubris about healthcare

Fri, 09 May 2014 15:39:54 GMT

Mountain of hubris in this article published [today]( on The Atlantic: We're better than Brazil, so let's follow the European model and have great healthcare. We may be the same size as Brazil, says the author, but we don't have the corruption: >In some ways, the U.S. is better positioned for universal healthcare than Brazil was in 1988. We’re far richer, and we’ve been a functioning democracy for 238 years. We also have a culture, and a network of laws, that makes it easier to avoid the waste and corruption that plague Brazil’s healthcare system. Honey, Brazil was a democracy before the 1988 constitution. And the US doesn't have a network of laws that are respected any longer, because the Chicago Mafia has now taken over the country and regularly and with impudence ignores the US constitution. The president can do whatever he wants, he says. And he does. The Atlantic article basically discounted what is seen as a failure of universal healthcare in Brazil, so it can push the European model, widely seen as a success. But not so fast. Europe hasn't got it all down pat either. So take this article for what it is, a hit piece. And like every hit piece, it's not well done, not even to get some basic dates right. The military regime did not "collapse" in 1985, as she says. That was the date when the first civilian president took oath of office. (I know, I was here.) She shows some real ignorance of what happened and what is happening in Brazil. The author makes a quick trip to Brazil, pops in some dates and figures, and walah! she's got a great article for Obamacare. Too little, too late, too laughable.