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Our Sunday paper, 'The Daily Cross'

Fri, 09 May 2014 10:08:27 GMT

Our "Sunday paper," as we call the [bulletin]( here, contains our worship order, including the three Bible readings, as well as passages and songs for the offering and Lord's supper. It also contains the bare-bones outline for the sermon. With all that, doing the bulletin means planning the whole meeting, so it takes longer than average. But when it's done, the whole shebang is finished. The upcoming bulletin was mostly done last Monday or Tuesday. The sermon outline and another item or two remain to be done, but it's mostly there. For the moment, the bulletin is a small sheet, front and back. I've lately put the Bible class material for Taubaté in article form on the front page. It started out as a 4-page bulletin, but that seemed a bit much for our needs. This smaller, simpler format leaves me free for other things. And I can print it out on my printer, which I've now brought home. Oh, and it's called "The Daily Cr oss," a title I'd said I would use if I were to publish a magazine. It seemed too good not to use in some fashion.