The InkSmith, makers of customized pens, held a slogan contest, and I won with the entry, “Handmade pens for heartfelt words.” Prize is a customized pen.

Since I already have one made by them with Brazilian ironwood (photo), The Missus soon claimed ownership of the contest prize.

Fountain pen

She chose a fountain pen with the purpleheart wood inlay. They have promised to send it to us, but we don’t want to risk having it sent to us here by mail. She wants to have it presented to her personally, so if The InkSmith crafters don’t mind, we’ll go to Ashland City TN to receive it, while we’re in the US sometime around May.

Check out their work on their Facebook page. Daryell Smith and his partners do beautiful work for a great price.

I met Daryell when he and his wife (and dog) were in Arkansas, and I happened to be in the US fund-raising. He wanted an autographed copy of my book. We had lunch together at The Grecian in Paragould. (Was going to post the pic we took that day, but I can’t find it.) I feel privileged to have made a new friend, and not just in the virtual world, but the spiritual as well.

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  1. Congratulations! I keep getting pens as gifts, and they’re growing on me. He may have a newfound customer. 🙂

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