I read a lot around the Internet. One political blog just got deleted from my list.

The blogger wrote “weeped.” I’m sorry, but if you can’t conjugate a common verb, you don’t deserve my time.

Typos, if not omnipresent, are bearable. Inexusable grammar is not. There are some sticky points and difficult issues in grammar that one may overlook. I can accept that. I’m no English expert myself, though I do make the effort to write acceptably.

“Weeped” falls so far beyond the tolerable that I cannot bear to return to the blog.

So I deleted him from my list of consulted sites, as I wept at the grievous wound which my mother tongue sustained.

One thought on “I wept at ‘weeped’ — and bleeped the blog

  1. I agree. Its just one of those things where its going to rear it’s ugly head until their just isn’t any descent grammer left.

    Seriously, I think word processors that check and automatically correct our spelling and grammar are on the short list of reasons for this. High school English teachers just don’t use the red pen like they did 40 years ago. (And you can see one of the things that makes me bleep a blog or a website — improper use of personal pronouns. “It’s” seems to be the most-botched one.

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