My wife and daughter arrive only next Tuesday. My time this weekend will be spent, in good part, in prayer. Leave your request or motive for gratitude in the comment area below, and I’ll include it in my weekend prayers.

I’ve removed the requirement for registering to make it easier for you to leave a comment.

First on my list came by email, a request for prayer for the family of a divorcee who, yesterday, shot her 6-year-old daughter in the back and killed her, and then committed suicide. The ex-husband and father is a friend of friends of ours.

This is my song this weekend: “I Am Praying for You.

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  1. I’m putting these from Facebook here, so I don’t forget them:

    Barbara G.: I need prayers for my upcoming knee replacement July 7. I need prayers that I will not go into fast heartbeat after the surgery, that the med I am taking will take care of that. Thanks!

    Mike B.: My work on Sunday. My daughters who are travelling (Bethany from Nicaraugua; Katie from campaign). Balance in my life. That Brett and Leah will move to Hattiesburg… ;o)

    Leah G.: I want to improve as a Christian mother. I need to focus and discipline myself more in that regard. This is really great of you, btw.

  2. Randal,

    Please pray for my young friend, Caleb, in Kentucky. His problems began with autism, then others. He has many seizures per day. His family are fine Christian folks. They have struggled long.

    Please pray for my young friend Jesse. His father and mother are divorced. There is a custody issue. Please pray that the right decision will be made for this young man who is an excellent Bible student in our classes.

    Please pray for me regarding my trip to Indonesia. I arrive in Jakarta on 8 July, the day of their elections. This is not the most ideal time to be visiting such a place. I will spend 3 weeks in Indonesia, seeking to encourage brethren.

  3. Hey Dad.
    I decided not to take that job. So I am still looking.
    Pray that something better will show up.
    Pray that I can learn how to be a good husband and do the right thing no matter what.

  4. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to ask for prayers. My story is long but I will just say I have post polio syndrome and need a knee replacement but because of other health problems (medications mostly), have been unable to pursue the surgery. I’ve been to church very little this year because I am sleeping so much and unable to walk well, plus I’m in a great deal of pain each day from the PPS and fibro.
    My husband had robotic laproscopic prostectomy surgery last year and then had to have a CT on his head recently so our finances are really tight. We just need the strength to get through this slump until we can get back on our feet (excuse the pun 🙂 Thanks again for your prayers. We’ll make note of the others and be praying for them, too.

    God bless

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