Yes, I like Christmas in Brazil, because during this time of year you can buy a chocottone. You can buy one in the stores from the big industrial corporations (not recommended), and they aren’t bad.

But the best ones are made in the local padaria, you buy it the day it’s made. Some people make their own, like this lady. If you make one, I’ll come help you eat it.

I would take a picture of the one I’ve been eating out of just now, but my knife disappeared in the office, and I ate from it by taking  pinches out of it. So it wouldn’t have looked good in the photo.

But that worked to my advantage, since I didn’t have to cut it and content myself with a single slice.

chocottonebI like chocottone for several reasons.

One, it has chocolate. We could stop right there, but there’s more.

Two, it’s a yeasty bread. I like bread.

Three, it’s natural. It comes almost entirely from plants: the cocoa plant, the sugar cane plant, wheat. So it has to be good for you.

Four, it has chocolate. Oh, did I say that already? Much better than the panettone made with crystalized fruit. If I want fruit, I’ll go eat a banana, a fresh apple or mango or papaya, thank you.

This is about as good as it gets this side of heaven.

4 thoughts on “I like Christmas in Brazil

  1. Oh yeah, rub it in why don’t you. At least you have them…haha…they are so good. Ever try to buy one in the southern part of the USA?….ain’t gonna happen……ha

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