PHOTO: Building (painted green) for rent the church is considering. It’s next to my office and faces a plaza with major bus stop (covered area). My office is accessed through the second white door with round blue sign over it.

• Since yesterday I’m filling in for Richard Mansel on Forthright Magazine, and have been for Barbara Ann as well on They’re both headed to FHU Lectureship where our Forthright Press will have a book exhibit, which we’ve offered to share with Clarity Publications and Gospel Opportunities Evangelism. Be sure to visit our booth there!

• Also, Richard’s grandmother died on Wednesday, so he drove from Ga., to Florence, Ala., yesterday for visitation and the funeral. We’re praying the Lord comfort the family.

• I have the keys to the building next to my office to show people from church the spot as a possibility to rent. Yesterday morning, I opened it for Jose Roberto and Paulinho. Today, Jorge and Paula will be coming through town on their way to Taubate this morning, so we’ll meet up for me to show the building to them. Tomorrow we have to decide on it. The owner is the same as my office, so he’s giving us preference on the building, since he knows me and I pay on time every month. So this process has taken up a lot of my time the past couple of weeks.

I have some pics of the building, but not a picture of the front taken from the plaza. My batteries quit just at that moment. There are two floors in the building, the bottom is for rent. On the top is the music school where Leila studies. It will need quite a bit of work, but we could use the main part of it by removing a countertop base and then doing the work as we go. (We meet now in a house, see here.)

The building is on a major avenue in the central part of town, on a plaza, very visible, and with two bus stops within a block of it, one of those on the plaza itself. Though it’s not in the corridor where all our people can reach it by bus very easily, it’s still not too far for most to walk from their bus routes. The picture at top is of the building (painted green) from the side, facing the plaza.

• This afternoon the Taubate ladies meet. For the first time the Taubate men, now five in number, will have a meeting to discuss the work. And get in on the refreshments at the end women’s meeting.

• Yesterday I paid a visit to the non-governmental organization near my office (below, actually) that works with women who are victims of domestic violence. I mention it on The Fellowship Room, but suffice it to say here that, although our approach differs greatly, they are providing an immediate help to women who often think they’re in a hopeless and helpless situation. I was impressed by their dedication to that cause.

• No more noise for a good while! The workers on the house come back Wednesday to put a resin on the carport rock flooring. But the major part is done on this phase of the house restoration. Looking good! After the resin is down, I’ll post some pics of the finished product.

• Over the past weeks I’ve worked on and off on three new websites: our renovated Forthright Press site, the May Missionary Retreat site I’m doing for that event and the new Gospel Progress Mission Group, about which I’ll have more to say in the coming days. All three are still in development, but we’re making progress.

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