I choose

On what basis can I ask for God’s help? Does some condition exist, before I can go to him to request help?

May your hand help me,
for I choose to obey your precepts.
Psalm 119.173 NET

“I choose.” The decision is individual. In the end, it doesn’t matter what others do. I hope they’ll also choose to obey God’s precepts. But their decision doesn’t determine mine. Mine has been made and won’t change.

“To obey your precepts.” The choice is between doing what God commands and following my own ideas. The word “precepts” is used only in the plural, a generic term that indicates the responsibilities that God puts upon his people (TWOT). I choose to assume those responsibilities.

“Your hand.” The power to secure me in the Way belongs to God. I am weak and needy. Prayer, the Word, and Family fellowship are the way to divine power. The choice is, in its essence, that of throwing oneself upon the care of God.

“Help me.” After I choose, God can help. And I can ask him to help. I do not have the right to ask nor to hope for God’s help without deciding to obey him. The “for” makes it clear: the appeal for God’s help is based upon the choice of obedience.

God helps along the Way the one who will obey.

Translated and adapted from our Brazilian devotional site, Deus Conosco.

J. Randal Matheny

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