Spiritual poverty

If we do not deal soon with the ego, we will be barred from participating in God’s life. When the Self is at the center of our attention, God is on the outside.

How blessed are those who are destitute in spirit,
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them!
Matthew 5:3 ISV

God blesses the person who is not full of himself, who knows that he has nothing, who perceives that he has nothing to offer to the God who has it all and does all for his people. With such a person God can do much.

Through spiritual poverty a person becomes one of the “little ones” about whom Jesus speaks so much and to whom he shows favor. He associates with these, protects them, and gathers them to form his people.

The poor in spirit puts himself in last place. His renunciation of self-interest permits him to seek the Kingdom in first place and to open the door to others.

Such a person does not act to satisfy his own desires, but works to make the present matter for eternity.


3 thoughts on “I am nothing

  1. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of the first step of true spiritual living. I am reminded of this V.P. Black quote (from lectureship book), which I love: “The door of the kingdom is very low; only those who kneel may enter.”

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