I help several people with their email lists. One lady on one list is hysterical, demanding we remove her from the list.

This list was previously managed by another. I’m trying to find out if it was previously set up as double-opt-in, which it should have been, or if the manager or some other person added her address. If the latter, a list can be considered a spammer. If the former, I’ll tell her to get herself off the list, she got herself on it.

I’m a great believer that subscribers should manage their own subscriptions, both getting in, changing addresses, and getting out. In part that’s why my lists have not grown more, while others (and I’m talking Christians here) add emails indiscrimately to theirs.

Funny thing is, the hysterical subscriber is discourteous, uses vulgar language, and has Jesus’ name in her email. Incongruent.

J. Randal Matheny

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