No more place for human anger

The goal of a Christian is to develop those attitudes and engage in those actions which produce the kind of right living that God desires, consistent with the new birth that God gave us through the word of truth, Jas 1.20-21. Some attitudes and actions are inconsistent with right living.

For a man’s anger does not lead to action which God regards as righteous.
Jas 1.20 Weymouth

God is holy, and he desires that we also be holy. He is righteous, meaning that he always does what is right, according to his standard. He desires that we also do what is right.

It was anger that committed the first murder. It was anger that kept Moses from entering the promised land. Anger will also kill our relationship with God and will keep us from the “entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ” 2 Pet 1.11 NET.

Even the world recognizes the danger of anger. One can find any number of training programs for anger management.

In the new birth, in Christ, however, one’s very heart is transformed so that anger becomes an expression of the holiness of God. Its causes and manifestations are transformed as well. Human reasons for anger no longer occupy space in a righteous life. Human outbursts are controlled by the Spirit of God.

So saints act in their lives, through quick hearing, slow speaking, and control of emotions, to prevent human anger from breaking out. For God’s desires and standards now determine how the disciple of the Lord Jesus will lead his life.

J. Randal Matheny

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