Hughes here from Somers Ave.

Mike and Mary Hughes arrived safely this morning and are now resting a bit after their flight.

Mike is an elder at the Somers Avenue congregation in North Little Rock, Ark. He and Mary volunteered to come be present for our Festival on Saturday to celebrate with us the 20 years of the work in SJCampos.

They have to work next week, so they’ll be returning Sunday night.

So we have a lot to pack into the next few days.

We picked them up at the Guarulhos airport this morning, their flight was almost on time.

We had a brunch on returning, with a few typical items from the padaria: Guaraná Antártica, salgados, pãozinhos, brigadeiros. Just to get them started.  (No cappuchino yet, Benson.)

This is the first time we’ve received someone from a U.S. supporting church in about 12-13 years, when a group came from Baker Heights (Abilene, Tex.) and an elder and deacon came from Iuka, Miss. So this is an exciting moment for us, together with the Festival.

In that time we have, of course, received friends and brethren who have come to teach, like Mike Benson, Kevin Cauley, Mike and Susan Landon. But not from supporting churches.

The Somers Ave., church has been wonderful in terms of communication, prayers and encouragement. Not to mention the car and their monthly support.

J. Randal Matheny

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