Prayers, please, for the daughter-in-law. She was put on moderate bed rest, after some contractions yesterday. There are some concerns in the pregnancy. So far so good, but the doctor is accompanying developments closely.

* On Monday we begin 1 Corinthians in our yearly Bible reading plan for slow readers. Why not pick up and join us? The devotionals often follow the readings.

* In preparation for my message at the Maywood Missionary Retreat (open to all, come join us), I’m thinking about the definition and elements of evangelism. I asked people to share theirs over on TFR. What might you say on this topic?

* My MacBook has been out of commission now for over a week. It’s my do-all tool. I don’t brush my teeth with it or use it as my pillow, but for everything else … Can I say I’m just about lost without it?

* The other morning I went up to the new(er) padaria here in our area for some bread and coffee. The one where we usually buy bread has awful coffee. The new one does better. Good to know.

* Do all holidays lose their meaning? Nobody thinks much about what Memorial Day means, do they? Apr. 21 here was Tiradentes Day, for an early freedom fighter who got beheaded and quartered. I never once heard anybody mention him.

* Listen to Dave Ramsey speaking, the 26th, about the recent student loan protests. The Heritage Foundation takes D.C. to task over the loans. Our Christian colleges have fallen into the trap. They need to reevaluate and get out of the business of burdening students with tens of thousands of debt. It ain’t Christian. Get rid of the sports programs and all the other extraneous activities and do what you’re supposed to do: Teach.

* Today the Taubaté church begins offering a public course, for evangelism, on Jesus Christ, the Simple Way. I’m doing the introductory honors. I have two hours. What would you say to people to introduce such a course?


4 thoughts on “How would you introduce a course on Christ and salvation?

  1. “Get rid of the sports programs and all the other extraneous activities and do what you’re supposed to do: Teach.”

    Randal, that’s what I’ve been saying about public schools for quite some time – it’s not very popular 🙂 If the educational programs in this nation would again focus on EDUCATION perhaps more learning would happen…at the very least it would attract more people who are actually interested in learning.

    “I have two hours. What would you say to people to introduce such a course?”

    Maybe you can squeeze something in about, “The existence of God, the reality of sin, and the possibilty of salvation.” That’s how I begin a private study.

    Prayers for your family. Take care, Randal.

    • Thank, gentlemen, for the prayers. The DIL was feeling better Sat.

      I spoke, among other things, on the authority and the power of the Word. It is both guide and power to transform. And I spoke at length on the purpose of Scripture to put us in relationship with God. I believe the later point is one of the most important and one we either skip over or forget.

      So here’s you an outline: the power of Scripture, the pattern of Scripture, the purpose of Scripture.

      I didn’t use that outline in the class, but it covers most of the material I presented.

      We had three non-Christians present, not bad for the quick set-up that was done. Long story behind that, but God used it well.

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