I put on a few pounds in the US back in 2009-2010 when I was replacing support funds, never got rid of them. Lately, put on a couple more. Not good. What are my options for losing the weight?

  • Eat smaller portions. Doing that more.
  • Eat more often. So they say. I can do that. Put at top of list.
  • Cut out sweets. Um, got other options? (I am eating fewer sweets.)
  • Exercise. 10-4. On the need. Where’s that jump rope?
  • Eat smarter. Better. We do good here, mostly, but lately have been eating more meat. Time to buckle up here.
  • Fast. Not just for spiritual purposes, but for health. That one went by the wayside, need to pick up again.
  • Chew food more slowly. Working on this one as well. Better for digestion, tend to eat less as well.

We used to follow Harvey Diamond’s Fit for Life, and lost well, felt good. Time to take it up a notch.

UPDATE: Added last option on chewing.

What do you think?