Here are five introductory points for tomorrow’s lesson on “How to Beat Hypocrisy,” from Luke 12:1-12. I include them here and now, since I don’t know if I’ll get the whole outline translated or not.

  1. Some days ago an American actor admited his hypocrisy, since he campaigned against polluting the earth and rode in his private, polluting jet. Generally, people tend to point out hypocrisy in others, but Jesus wants us to confess our own and repent of it.
  2. The text of Luke 12:1-2 is divided, according to the markers (“speak,” “say”), in three paragraphs: verses 1-3, verses 4-7, and verses 8-10. (NET, NRSV, ESV e NKJV follow this division exactly.)
  3. The repeated phrase: “do not be afraid,” at the beginning of verse 4 and at the end of verse 7, mark verses 4-7 as a separate paragraph and perhaps emphasis its point as being the main one.
  4. For each warning in the three paragraphs, Jesus recommends a certain attitude or action that out to be taken in order to cancel the influence of hypocrisy in the life of the disciple: “Be on your guard” (v. 1); “do not be afraid” (vv. 4, 7); “do not worry” (v. 11).
  5. The influence of hypocrisy (v. 1) penetrates like yeast, spreads like a virus. This influence is generalized, infiltrates without much ado, and puffs a person up, as yeast enlarges the dough. (Not for nothing that hypocrisy leads to arrogance.)

The gist of the lesson is about motivation for resisting and repenting of hypocrisy. When we have the right motivations, we can pretty much do anything. Jesus gives three in each paragraph mentioned above. Can you identify them? Share them below in the comments.

What do you think?