The work I’ve done in recent months with the chiastic structure omnipresent in Scripture is showing up in my poetry. Just as today’s poem is a structural chiasmus in its rhyme and meter scheme. Meter is 5-4-3-3-4-5 and rhyme is A-B-C-C-B-A.

If your eyes haven’t glazed over after those numbers and letters, the following should make a bit more sense: the poem expresses a common theme in the Psalms, the cry to God for help, as per the verse quoted, Psa. 130:2, as the epigraph.

The Psalms have their own poetry, parallelism, among other features, and even an intensely emotional lament like Lamentations holds a tight poetical structure. So a well structured poem isn’t inimical to intense feeling. On the contrary, the former highlights the latter.

So there you have it. Unless you’re not a list subscriber. Which you can do for free. (Update: All poetry is now published on this site.) But to get this poem, which has already gone to the list, you’ll have to ask special. But I am merciful and will not refuse a cry for help.

What do you think?