A post of mine from a discussion with a Gnostic and other non-believers:

Our limitations provide plenty of fodder for self-deprecation, but even significant accomplishments won’t chase away the niggling thoughts in the dark of the night that we’re just not up to what we were meant to be.

So we search out affirmations from others. But we know they’re in the same boat as we are, so their approbation doesn’t ultimately satisfy. Our value then doesn’t depend upon whether others approve of (and by that approval, praise) us.

Both as creatures who were brought into being by God, as his ultimate creation, and who in Christ were given the opportunity of redemption, have we been given value that we may recognize in ourselves and in others.

With that, we may both respect one another as creatures who are loved by God and invested with importance because he desires us, as well as seek his approval, while at the same time we seek to call attention, not to our nor to others’ qualities or defects, but to his character, which has been summed up in his glory. This, too, is our glory.

What do you think?