Tiny Lights — How important is it being published?

I missed the deadline, but here was the answer I was preparing.

Ask rather, How important is it having a voice? Being heard? Connecting with others? Establishing your humanity? Making a difference? Writing (sic) a wrong?

– Imagine Don Quixote without his lance.

– Imagine Luke Skywalker without his light saber.

– Imagine Steven Speilberg without his marquee.

– Imagine a tossed rock without its ripple.

– Imagine a sound without a pair of ears.

How important to be published? “Important” fails the question. Better is “essential.” Which makes the question an exclamation.

J. Randal Matheny
Sao Jose dos Campos (SP) Brazil
Randal’s middle name is “Submission attached.”

What do you think?