bible-distribution-evangelismPeople are already traveling for holidays and vacation here. Numbers were low this morning, especially. But we had a great day with both churches. Numbers may get lower yet in the next couple of weeks.

• This morning I taught on the church’s mission in the series on the New Testament church. This afternoon, on Scripture, in our series on “What Is Christianity?”

• Updated the Subscribe page to this site, with big arrow to the right column where you sign up to get site notifications. But it still looks too complicated, with all the other stuff below that, other sites and services.

• To BNc I also added a Subscribe page. with a big arrow to get your cursor in the right place. Have you signed up yet?

• Would you consider the distribution of Bibles an evangelistic method?

• Why would James tell his readers to “receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls” (James 1.21 ESV), if they were Christians and had already received it for salvation?

• Jesus, in the presence of his followers and others, prayed, “Father, glorify your name” (John 12.28 NET), as he felt anguish before the cross. How far will we go with that prayer?

What do you think?