My site disappeared from Google’s search results. Sound the alarm! I suspect it was the change of themes. So I’m returning for now to the old one. No theme is worth losing Google’s help over.

Winter weather is on its way here, last night was chilly. Must have been down in the 50s. During the day it usually warms up, but night-time gets cold. Pull out the sweaters and coats!

Stress test apparently went well last Friday. Still some blood and urine work to do, then back to the cardiologist to finish up the check-up. Tiresome process. A guy could get sick from doing this.

Still at the dentist about a tooth he first thought was a candidate for a roto-rooter job. But the tooth has responded well, so he keeps holding off. I got back later this month for a possible finish with, who knows, just a filling to take care of it.

It took me forever last night to get into Psa 60. Finally, things clicked and the reading brought a wow. Is a part of this week’s assigned reading plan. I used it for last night’s QBT and this morning’s devotional.

Back at the office today after a few days of working from home. Both places have their good points.

  • Home: morning biscuits with tea and meals; having The Missus around to talk to, bounce ideas off of, pester at will; afternoon naps.
  • The office: most of my library; large area to spread out books; quiet spot to work, except for a bit of street noise and, now and again, the yelling woman of the couple who live below.

That neighbors could miss three women held hostage for 10 years is a sign of our times. And not a good sign. It could probably happen on the streets where most of us live. God save our children.

What do you think?