Salvation MessageA physical cure is little hope for man, so Jesus forbade people to reveal his identity. First, because they did not understand properly who he was and what his mission was. Second, because the greatest power was not in the miracles, but in his message and, later, in his death for eternal salvation.

And his name will be the hope of all the world.
Matthew 12.21 NLT

This verse ends Matthew’s longest Old Testament quotation. Jesus fulfills Scripture. Matthew is especially interested in the kingdom of God as the new messianic people. From the Jews the kingdom of God is removed. A new people, the church, now represent God’s special reign on earth. All nations of the world may now enter and participate.

This new people is also the bearer of the soul-saving news. For Jesus’ name to become the source of hope, it must be heard. This is our task. None other.

No name is sweeter, O God, that that of Jesus Christ, for in it is power and purpose and love. Praise to you for bringing him to earth!

Hold this thought: His name the hope of all the world, / To the ends of the earth let it be hurled.

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