After circling an hour in the sky because fog had closed the Sao Paulo airport, we started descent to land at the Campinas airport, refuel and await clearance for SP. Would have meant another couple of hours delay. At the last minute, SP was reopened and we coasted in for a landing.

Meanwhile, Vicki and Leila, having been told of a Campinas landing and long delay, went for breakfast and a window-shopping stroll. I surfaced from the bowels of customs/baggage to be greeted … by no one.

I found them after a while.

Temperature was exactly 100º when I arrived at the Memphis airport Monday afternoon. I felt chilly on arrival, though it has warmed up some lately, said Vicki.

Flight was smoother than my trip up, except for a tyke behind me who kept kicking the back of my seat for much of the night. My sitter-down was sore after so long in the seat. If I’m still for long, the body feels stiff.

Home was good. Yes, a stark blue wall greeted me in the living room, and a green one in the kitchen, but home is good. Even though when hubby’s away the wife plays decorator.

Then the fateful day today: my baby turned 18. Cake tonight after group. Since we started up the home study tonight already, she’ll have her choice of restaurants tomorrow night.

Though I’d only had a 20-minute nap yesterday, we took up the invitation of friends to watch Brazil play (and beat 2-1, in a slow game) North Korea in its first game of the World Cup. I’d seen a few flags in the U.S. on the 12th for Flag Day, but green and yellow were everywhere the head turned yesterday for the game.

The two-hour difference in the time zones hasn’t been bad, but in the U.S. dark came at 8 p.m.; here, at 6. That’s a bit disconcerting.

Time to wrap up, the study starts in 30.

2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Glad you made it home safely, Randy. Panama is hot compared to Costa Rica, but our B&B is on the water, so there is a nice breeze at night. Can’t wait to get back to CR, though.

    Congrats to Leila!

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