No fair! Holiday fell on day off.


No big deal, actually, but I thought I’d get your attention. We’ve knocked around the house today, nothing special.

I’ve been tinkering with TiddlySpace and trying unsuccessfully to install muut comments into it. (Am using it for comments and forum here.) Over my head, but I probably learned sumthin.

Also, looking around again at software offerings. I like to keep up with what’s coming down the pike.

Was pleased with the kick-off last night of our little (3×5, to be exact) course, “Major subjects of the Bible,” starting with, logically, God. Ten people were here for it.

May be just a coincidence that so many were present for it, since some are off from school and work, with July (vacation month) coming up, World Cup under full steam, and a holiday next day. Perfect storm sort of situation. Who knows what next week will be like.

Oh, I’ve not even taken a nap today, and it’s almost 6 pm. What was I thinking?

J. Randal Matheny

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