Be faithful to GodIn the book of Revelation, John’s letters to the seven churches follow a pattern, but each one is adapted to the situation of the community to which he writes.

The general message is clear. The need crosses all the boundaries.

However, hold on to what you have until I come.
Revelation 2.25 NET

Faithfulness is the key. Some need to correct, repent, change what is amiss, in order to be faithful now and to maintain that faithfulness in future trials.

No other burden the Lord lays upon his faithful people than this, to persevere and “conquer” (v. 24, 26).

Physical death may come, but the conquering people of faith “will in no way be harmed by the second death” (v. 11).

O faithful God, let me never waver, let me never wander, let me never grow weary of the promise of him who lives.

Hold this thought:
   Until he comes hold on to faith, hold, hold!
   Let not devotion flag, nor love grow cold.

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