ChristEvery person has a history, both family and social, as a member of a community and country. Jesus also has his history.

This is the record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.
Matthew 1:1 NET

Jesus had a history, was part of a plan, appeared in the last days, when, according to God’s timetable, the right time had come. The Sovereign did not decide on some pretty day to send his Son into the world. It was the conclusion of a long process of preparation, in order to have the greatest possible success, to fulfill the objective of saving many.

To those who know little of the Old Testament, Christ’s genealogy seems a tiring list of names. To those who understand, however, that the Almighty had been working for generations in behalf of humanity, each name represents an important step toward redemption.

For Christians, that beautiful history is now ours.


4 thoughts on “His history and ours

  1. Randal, The Lord communicated genealogies to us for purposed He knows, and surely we have keen interest in them. My name, Petty, is from the British Countries (England, we believe) The first time it is ‘recorded’ (actually written) was in 1198 AD. Not much of the record. wife’s on the other hand, has an unbroken line back from the early pioneers of the U.S. through the British Empire and through the Roman Empire to the year 47 BC. There are 72 connected generations, and she has named contemporaries of Jesus (though they probably resided in Rome). I told her that was not so hot, mine goes all the way back to Adam. And I stuck my nose high in the air. Don Petty

    • Don, I’m afraid to discover what my ancestors were up to. At least, the recent ones were good guys. Matheny is a French name. When we left the country, it went downhill from there.

  2. In the e-mail, you asked which part(s) of the geneaology speak most to us…. For me, I like imagining what all of those “unknown” people were like, and I also love it when women are mentioned. My favorites are Rahab, whose previous life as a harlot did not keep her from becoming a part of Jesus’ lineage, and Leah–and perhaps I take that one a little personally….I do often think, “ha-ha, Rachel, Jacob liked you better, but Leah had more children, more boys, and is part of Jesus’ genealogy!” ahem! (collects self, regains dignity).

    • Leah, to borrow Yoda’s phrase, “Hard to see the past is,” but those windows the Lord provides are like a beautiful stained-glass picture, are they not? I imagine heaven, a part of it, anyway, as time to hear stories of those unknown saints. What a joy that will be!

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