Here a line, there a line

That’s how this poem, “The Scene of Calvary,” came together over the past several days.

The first four lines were done Sunday during the Lord’s supper, as I pondered the meaning, again, of the cross.

Then I wrote the article “The Scene at Calvary” on Monday for my column, about that moment and included the quatrain.

The article itself had a number of phrases and lines that again prompted the poetic urge, and I wrote a second quatrain which I posted here.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Those phrases returned and yesterday I penned five more stanzas. The total of seven was what got sent out to the Cloudburst list today.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

3 thoughts on “Here a line, there a line

  1. Thanks, I didn’t realize you were on the Cloudburst email list. I appreciate you popping in.

  2. I knew there had to be more forthcoming after reading your first four lines in Cloudburst. You did not disappoint. I enjoy reading all your poems, even when I fail to comment. You have a wonderful way with words.


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