Henderson TN bereft of Mathenys

• Good brother Roy Davison added me today as co-publisher of the Old Paths Archive. He designated me to continue with that good work whenever he’s no longer able. Assuming I’m still around. He has an amazing depository of articles, books, audio and video. One can spend lots of time on that site and the others associated with it.

• On TFR I suggested helping with one of his projects: putting V.E. Howard‘s Gospel Hour radio programs on the Internet. Worthy effort, to share these lessons. I listened to the first one, and it was just as applicable to our day as when he spoke.

• Richard Mansel and I are getting our good friend John Henson set up as Forthright Magazine‘s lastest columnist to write on Christian Evidences. Another exciting development to encourage us all, John will do a tremendous job, I’m confident. He’ll write on Wednesdays, starting July 28.

• Have you voted yet? Scoot over to Christian Hub and cast your vote. Will take about 10 seconds. While you’re there, check out Daniel Haynes’s “Daily Meditation” at the top of the left hand column, below the posts.

• Remember that I’m doing a lot of short and sweet stuff over on posterous, so easy to use there, with just an email. Latest offering was learning Greek by getting eaten by a lion. Yeah.

• We changed themes on The Fellowship Room, and I like the clean look, but I think it dis-characterizes the group blog effect. We were having chronic problems with comments, which was probably caused by people having out-of-date browsers or having turned off Javascript. Hard to say, but when we started TFR, I almost decided not to permit comments. That idea is coming back in the wee hours of the morning to entice me. The woes of a webmaster.

• Micah and Val move today to Huntsville, and Joel and Tansy moved last week, or was it week-before-last now?, to Mt. Juliet, so Henderson is now bereft of Mathenys. Mom and Dad don’t feel confident driving in Memphis any more, so we’re flying into Little Rock from Brazil next month, since our new overseeing church is in NLR. If we’re not too much of a burden on them, and if prices are not an issue, that may become our default entry and departure point. Especially convenient this time, since we head to Texas the day after arrival.

J. Randal Matheny

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