Help requested for elder

David Brassfield just sent this request for an elder in his congregation:

Could you send me your congregation’s postal mail address? We are sending out information and a request on behalf of one of our elders who broke his neck earlier this year and remains paralyzed from the chest down. I’d appreciate it if you could give the request consideration. Thank you, David Brassfield

I asked David to provide me a few more details for this page, but go ahead and show your interest and concern by writing to David. (Remove the word DELETE in the email address; it’s there to avoid address harvesters.)

Here’s the additional David sent me:

I preach for the Newalla church of Christ in Newalla, OK  (PO Box 206, 74857).  I’ve been here since Aug. 1986.  The church’s phone number is 405-391-LORD (5673).

Thanks for your help getting this word out.  The Carpenter family does not yet know we are making this request on their behalf, as they have always been stubborn about trying to do everything on their own.  But, we will soon be informing them.

Waldo was able to make a “field trip” last Sunday and worship with us. One of his therapists is a member of the church in Norman and came up on his day off in order to drive Waldo in a special van to us.  It was an emotional day with just that, but then we also had one baptized and one place membership with us the same morning.

J. Randal Matheny

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