Help for a disabled brother

Here’s a request to help a disabled brother and Marine veteran in Iraq, received on a list for preachers.

Dear Brothers:

I have a personal request to make and would like to explain the need. My son-in-law, John Ransom, received a back injury when he was in Okinawa in the Marines just before he shipped out to Iraq. Being young, his body was able to cope with the injury for many years while he served and worked. However, about a year ago, his problems escalated and he became completely disabled. Due to his loss of work and, eventually, worker’s compensation, he and my daughter lost their house. They have moved in to live with us. Her salary will not support them or even pay the monthly payments on their outstanding bills.

It was learned that surgeries were required on three different parts of his back. One of those surgeries has been completed. Here is where the real difficulty begins. At the time the surgery became necessary, John was working and had insurance through Aetna. Aetna pre-approved all of the $60,000 surgery with the doctors and clinic. $30,000 was required before the surgery. John borrowed $30,000 with the expectation that Aetna would pay the claim they had pre-approved. Aetna has now completely rejected the entire $60,000 claim. First they denied that any claim had been made. Next they said they did not have enough information to settle the claim. Then they claimed the surgery was unnecessary. Finally they have rejected the surgery as experimental. All of this happened over several months of discussion and letters.

In the meantime, John still is in considerable pain and needs the two other surgeries. He has been told that he is permanently disabled.  Payments have had to start this month on the $30,000. John and Stephanie cannot afford this. John will now have to drop his insurance (which I suspect was one of Aetna’s goals). Having exhausted possibilities for amicable resolution of this matter, John is trying to pursue legal recourse (so far unsuccessful in finding an attorney to handle the case). John is in constant pain and needs two more surgeries. Aetna has also rejected a prescription by the doctors for a special bed ($7000.00) so that John can get some restful sleep without pain.

I  have two requests to make of the folks and congregations connected to the list. They need a great deal of financial help to pay for the past surgery and have the next two (over $100,000). I would like to ask each of you to take this request to your congregations to help raise this money to purchase the bed, go forward with the next two surgeries and pay off the first.

Secondly, John needs to find a lawyer that will take on an effort to get Aetna to fulfill their obligation. Can anyone recommend one? Can anyone give me contact information for Matt Vega who might be able to recommend an appropriate attorney?

John and Stephanie are both faithful active children of God. John, of course, is not able to be active very often anymore. He does attend faithfully even when in considerable pain and participate when he can. Their finances and mine and my wife’s finances are beyond the breaking point. The next step is for them to declare bankruptcy which is not an emotional option though it may be forced upon them.

I have asked the elders at John’s home congregation where he became a Christian to receive and account for these funds. They have agreed. All contributions should be made to the Sanford church of Christ and notated for the Ransom fund. They should be sent to 2404 Hawkins Ave., Sanford, NC 27330. The elders are Van Blanton (919) 776-6817 and David George (919) 542-6334.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for any and all help you are able to give. Please understand that this is not just a need, but, an urgent need. Always, please, remember John and Stephanie in your prayers.


Mike Glenn

J. Randal Matheny

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