Trusting in the heart is stupid


Words that have one meaning for us did not always mean the same thing to the ancients. A good example of this is the term heart, when used in a figurative sense.

The one who trusts in his own heart is a fool,
but the one who walks in wisdom will escape.
Proverbs 28.26 NET

When we today speak of the heart, we mean feelings and emotions. To the ancients, however, the term meant more. It meant the inner person, including mind, will (that part of us which makes decisions), and the emotion.

That’s why some versions like HCSB translate heart as “himself.” It’s a good translation. There’s nothing in man that qualifies him as a trustworthy guide. There’s nothing in me that qualifies me either.

Today, our society places undue value on the heart as feeling. It thinks that emotion is what is most genuine and authentic. The modern answer sends us looking into the heart to discover the way. It’s in the heart that we ought to trust, say the moderns. And they are completely mistaken.

God especially values the mind and the will, guided by his word. Knowing and deciding are at the top of his list. Feeling arises as a result of the mental and decisive work, for good or ill.

We are kept safe when we stick with divine wisdom, and not when we follow our own ideas and inclinations. It is not inside where we find the answers, but topside, in heaven, with God. Not the interior, but the Superior.

But, as Isaiah said, “No one stops to think” Is 44.19 GW.

Following the heart is stupid. When will we learn?

May we always think, our Father, on the things above, revealed by the Spirit, contained in Christ.

Hold this thought: The Bible does not command us to feel, but to think.

J. Randal Matheny

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