Hear, O people of God, he speaks
To you from heaven, and must be heard.
He gathered you among Jews and Greeks,
From North and South, the redemptive Word
Uniting West and distant East,
To obedient spirits laying claim.
Among the few rebellion ceased,
The tiny remnant bearing his Name.

Hear and bow, O subjects, now
Before the Lord of hosts, take up
The banner and sword, to sow and plow,
Go run with speed, serve bread and cup,
The simple seed and single lamp
Within your hand, that Word to save
The many, welcome in the camp
Your brethren — For this, be brave! Be brave!

Hear his shout, O watching saints!
See angels swirl, see clouds boiling!
The Lord abandons him who faints,
The faithful rise, with hands toiling
In sweaty fields, while long they wait.
You’ll rise to meet him in the air,
You’ll enter the heavens’ open gate,
That day when God lays secrets bare.

J. Randal Matheny

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