Health and no wealth

Off in a bit for one of those stress tests, as a part of my decadal check-up, so I can go exercise. My new cardiologist will be doing it at a hospital owned by our insurance company, so maybe it’ll work out.

What hurts me doing these tests — at least, the first and last one I did ages ago — are my feet. I have flat feet, and cannot run for extended periods. I don’t have good shoes either, so I may have to cut short the test. I did that last time, but it was enough for the doc to get the results needed.

And I’m in the final stretch to see if a tooth is going to need a root canal or not. The doc has been patient as we’ve nursed the tooth along. Tomorrow ought to reveal the verdict. Last week there were no bad signs in the tooth, just some dullness when I touch the upper ends of the nerve, close to my nose.


Oh, about that required clearance that government demands from a cardiologist in order to exercise in a private gym, get this: The city has put exercise equipment all over town, out in the plazas or next to avenues, and even has hired guides to orient you. We often see guides on the avenue below us exercising with a group of good citizens. But there’s obviously no medical clearance required for those exercises. The result of that is that you have to get the cardiologist’s clearance to do private gyms, but not for the government’s outdoor equipment. Is that fair?

And the no wealth part? Losing more support come August. A “purely fiscal decision” from a long-time supporting church. We’ve put out the invitation to join us in the GoSpeak work, if you’ve not considered it by now.

J. Randal Matheny

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