Big news today is Fabia’s baptism. I add an extra tidbit about it on the posterous site (this post title is teaser), which you’ll find interesting to read.

Other big news: we have no meeting place for Sunday in Taubate. When we arrived last Sunday, we were told that the hotel was closed for renovation. Our sister in Christ, Rose, said she saw on TV that it went bankrupt. Whichever’s the case, one of the managers finally got in touch with us today to say we couldn’t meet there any more until April, when the hotel would be reopened.

We’re talking among ourselves where we might meet for just this Sunday, and then thinking beyond that. Having to scramble. Anything ever happen to you like that?

This site and others hosted by were down this afternoon for several hours. Haven’t been informed the reason, if it was scheduled maintenance or an emergency. We pray it didn’t inconvenience our readers.

With many stores and restaurants here closed between Christmas and New Year’s, I lunched today at a new place, Venâncio’s. They had good food, good price (R$7.50 for the plate of the day), and the food was hot, as I like it. Buffets are good, but the food warmers often don’t keep the food hot enough. I was pleased with this one; I’ll be going back.

I finished the commentaries on 1 Thessalonians tonight over on TFR. Under the wire, but got it in.

The Maiden has three girlfriends coming Thursday to spend the weekend and new year’s with her. Should I consider making myself scarce, considering all the giggle potential during those days?

What do you think?