Jesus Christ is not only our example and sacrifice for sin, but he also is our comfort.

“If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me first.
Jn 15.18

In that moment when we feel sad for suffering in this world, because we are followers of the Lord Jesus, he reminds us that he has suffered before us. Everything we go through, he has already experienced, and much more.

Consideration of the suffering of Christ pulls us out of our sadness, out of our self-centeredness. The plan of God accomplished humanity’s redemption through his suffering. Our suffering is a part of his. God’s plan is to accomplish the salvation of many by what we suffer, when we participate in the proclamation of the Good News.

When we look to Jesus, suffering for him, then, does not bring sadness, but joy.

One thought on “The world hated him first

  1. Jesus suffered for us, the just for the injust, to bring us to God, 1 Pet 3.18.
    Jesus suffered for us, as an example, 1 Pet 2.21.
    Jesus suffered before us, in persecution, Jn 15.18.
    Jesus suffers with us, as we share in his sufferings and comfort, 2 Cor 1.5.
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