The HobbitLast night I watched the last Harry Potter movie with The Missus and The Maiden. They’d seen it before. They like repeats. Somehow I found the movie anticlimactic. Maybe I was tiring of the series? Can Harry Potter please fade away now? For a real tale, let’s prepare for “The Hobbit.”

• Speaking of hobbits, it’s hard to think of a series, any series, that even comes close to Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings.” Not even “The Chronicles of Narnia,” as good as it is. Star Trek? Star Wars? Nah. (Have I raised anybody’s hackles?)

• For the February edition of our Brazilian magazine, three Brazilian friends have sent in articles, at my invitation. Used to have columnists, but with time, they went on to bigger and better things. So, as I’d mentioned earlier, we’re starting from scratch again. So I’m having to write and translate more, not good. But I think I may have fewer, if any, columnists, and go more with invitations to write single pieces. More variety that way. And more work for me, to keep the articles coming.

• All three of the invited writers for February came through, under the deadline, for the theme “The Name of Christian.” Who said Brazilians couldn’t be on time? What are the odds, though, that every month will be like that?

• Though not possible to do it completely, I wish 2012 could be for me the Year of the Cloister, to write. (If “cloister” evokes bad connotations for you, try “seclusion.”) So many projects, book outlines, and, now, the mag again. I already have two commitments to preach and teach lined up for next year, one nearby, another a protracted course in another state. (Not counting a trip stateside and speaking at the missionary retreat.) This year I stayed close to home, to dedicate to efforts more locally. Do you reckon I can do that again, this time, for more writing time?

• Here are some of the projects I’d like to do this next year, in English or Portuguese, or both: The Right Kind of Christianity (edited work on postmodernism, almost there), The Commandments of Christ (just finished as a Bible school course), Dictionary of Biblical Vocabulary (long-term project about 65% done), The Questions of Christ (an older Bible school course), The Rebukes of Christ (ditto), When Christ Praised Men (ditto), a chapter-by-chapter commentary on the NT, The Fullness of God, The True Grace of God (more doctrinal), Ministry and Mission, Because God (a 21st-century version of Brownlow’s Why I Am a Member etc.). See anything that strikes your fancy?

• Several years ago, I tried to take a semi-sabbatical, in order to write more. Tip: You can’t stay where you are and do that. It didn’t work out so well.

• So what do your plans for 2012 look like? We don’t know if tomorrow will come, but if the Lord wills, we will do this and that, for the kingdom. So James encourages us to do.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter, Hobbits, writing, 2012 plans, &c.

  1. Agree with LOTR, but a bit biased. Never read/saw any Harry Potter. Plans for 2012 look great. To make them at all is an accomplishment. Some of my plans were made for me, as we do some congregational transitioning, so I tried to take it easy on me, waiting to see some of what would be in store. I’ve been working on some personal goals anyway. Your to-do list is reminiscent of mine, but with a few less years of ministry attached. 🙂

    • For some reason, your comment had to be approved. Maybe not logged in? But we got ‘er.

      One of the goals I’m setting is a word count. I’m looking at 1000 words a day. Not hard come to think of it. That’s 4 pages at 250 words per page (industry norm). If I manage 30 days, that’s 30,000 words, 120 pages. We’re talking a book a month.

      I still don’t have Internet at the office, so I’ve stayed home to have access. But I’m thinking, when I went last week and wrote, I got more done. So I may leave off Internet and use the office as my writing place. It is, after all, called The Snuggery.

      Yeah, you do depend, as I do, on interfacing work and expectations of the congregation(s). And it’s been on my heart in recent months to see a new congregation start in our region. Maybe in the city of Pindamonhangaba. Then there’s the mass media approach (radio?) I’ve been encouraged to get involved in.

      Making plans is an accomplishment. Getting them on teh ground, another. I’m staring at “Getting Things Done” that I got for Christmas. Time to pick it up.

  2. Hmmm…not sure what happened there.

    I, too, find the time and productivity issues. I’ve greatly pared down my internet time; I am susceptible to losing time there. Didn’t open the computer from Sunday afternoon to this afternoon. Phone has FB and e-mail, but much quicker to manage them from there, and determine what’s important.

    Can’t remember, but think it was John Grisham who was asked to advise writers about books. He said, “One page per day; one book per year.” Of course, that’s a novelist speaking, but I’ve always assumed that was a fair formula. If so, that makes your goals lofty indeed! However, I’ve heard that preachers write the equivalent of 9 novels/yr. Perhaps?
    Got Wayne Jackson’s NT commentary for Christmas. He said he did the first draft in just about 1 year. That sounds more like your pace!
    Blessings on the endeavors and the family – looking forward to GTD in 2012!

    • Today I went to the office and wrote 2100+ words. Can I roll the credit forward to tomorrow? 🙂 I started getting bogged down in too deep research for the need, so I had to cut that out. That’s a problem. I start digging as if I wanted to get to China.

      This morning before I left, I had sketched out on paper a rough outline, main points, ideas under those, that I wanted to cover. That was a big help.

      Oh, on your comment approval: Looks like I was having an issue with the spam filter.

      I read the first chapter of GTD last night. Promising. May our promisingness come true in 2012!

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