Happy New Year

In my junk file today of unwelcome emails, one sported the title, “Happy New Year.” (OK, I admit, it was in Portuguese.) It’s the 1st of November, two months yet until 2006 calls it quits. My first reaction: it’s a bit early yet, my friend.

But I suppose if Christmas ornaments have been on sale now for weeks, he’s only catching the tide of rushing time.

Not that I need time to be rushed. On the contrary. The pressure to feel the rush is already intense.

Then again, I had to thank that nasty little email for its instigating title. I’ve been reading about goals and work and success, how to focus better, use time more wisely. So that title spurred a question in my mind.

If in the next two months I want to have a happy new year, what will I need to do between now and then?

I’m going to think about that over the next few days.

J. Randal Matheny

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