friendsHere’s a message I wrote this morning (in Portuguese) to a friend who sent me a sweet message about Friend’s Day. This is my thought for you as well.

When was Friend’s Day? I let it pass without noticing, but I’m thankful that our friendship cannot be contained in a single day or reduced to a moment of time, for it consists of a history of acts, thoughts, words and prayers between two people whose interests cross and whose good will threads every interaction.

Although I missed the annual Day, be assured of my daily gratitude to God for the place that you fill in my life and for my desire to share with you the best that I’ve received from the heavenly Father, that is, a growing intimacy not only between us, but between you and him as well.

For, as much as I value our friendship or, better, exactly because I value it so much, the greatest gift I have received and would like to pass on, is the friendship with He who created us and desires for us all joy, peace, love, hope and the certainty that, one day, everything will be fixed and justice applied to each human being with equity and righteousness.

Happy Friend’s Day, today and always!

UPDATE: An American friend asked me about Friends Day. Seems it started in Argentina and spread around to other countries. The U.S. does something different.

2 thoughts on “Happy Friends Day

  1. Very good sentiment. We can’t have too many good friends, but sometimes we waste them through neglect or ingratitude. Fraternally, Glover

  2. Hi Randal,
    Not sure what website this is; I just followed your link. I wanted to respond to your Friends Day post. When I think of Friends Day, I remember that night, about four years ago, when an online friend whom I had never met came half way across the world to speak at a Missions Conference in Virginia, USA. I remember this friend, and another online friend whom also I had never met, sitting and praying with me, showing me kindness, while I weeped and poured my heart out after the death of my husband. You brought me a little glass tree, which I call my tree of life. I display it in my curio cabinet as a reminder of your kindness. Friendship is something that seems almost sacred. Somewhere in the Bible it says that because of Jesus we can become friends with God. True friendship is such a gift, that to throw it away, is to throw away a part of us. My thoughts. 🙂

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