Looking back on a good day, as is every Lord’s Day.

  • I had done a bulletin today for the first time in many months, basically an A4 sheet, front and back. It consisted of a Deus Conosco devotional that I write, prayer needs, Bible class, sermon notes and the group study guide for this week.
  • Visitor’s day with no visitors. Not good. But the food at today’s potluck lunch was.
  • Power went off last night around 9 p.m. A car hit a light pole between here and downtown. Restored around 1:30 a.m. Vicki was up then and finished the potatoes for the potluck.
  • I did the sad story this morning, first thing, about the Whitlows’ death for the BNc site.
  • My turn to teach the SJC Bible class through the end of June. We’re doing a survey of the Bible during 2008. A new source was the Portuguese translation of Paul House’s Old Testament Theology, which I bought a couple of years ago, but am just now using. I like his treatment of Ezekiel, which was today’s book in Sunday school. He says Ezekiel’s main theme is “The Presence of God.”
  • Before lunch I talked at length with Davison, Denilson and Graça’s 15-year-old son (his birthday was this month) about a lot of subjects, with his needed obedience to Christ in the middle of it. I kid with him a lot, pick at him, and today’s lunch provided opportunity to talk about serious stuff, besides a spiritual commitment: school, subjects he likes (Portuguese) and doesn’t like (math), relationship with his younger brother. He’s the quiet type, but I think the conversation went pretty well.
  • Today’s lunch for visitor’s day may have been the last, or next-to-last, as we make the transition out of our rented building to … some other option.
  • Traffic was heavy on the way back from the Taubate church’s meeting tonight, as paulistanos returned to the capital at the end of the Corpus Christi holiday.
  • Sermon this morning continued the “Pattern” series, second time to look at 1 Tim. 4:12, last week was the context, this week the specific items: word, behavior, love, faith(fulness) and purity. At Taubaté, I did a sermon separate from the series I’m preaching there, on Luke 17:1-10.
  • Jorge was a bit hoarse, so I led singing at Taubaté today. After a nap, my voice was relaxed and better able to hit low notes. I don’t like leading singing and preaching in the same meeting, but with so few to help at Taubaté, there’s sometimes no way out.

What do you think?