A cartoon sent to me today inspired this couplet and short essay. (I’ve asked the artist about posting it; if he permits, I’ll add it later today.)

Growing Room

The seed I planted in a tiny pot,
God meant to occupy a spacious plot.

Often, the great need is for us to get out of God’s way so the seed can grow. To paraphrase the cartoon, we have discovered the barrier, and it is us.

Be it mental limitations, such as lack of faith, foggy vision or selfish concerns, or be it a life that doesn’t measure up to the divine standard, we are often our own worst enemies in the kingdom of God.

Perhaps the biggest barrier are our own expectations. We don’t live in the Age of Miracles any more. We don’t have the Apostles next door. Today’s society is more skeptical, more resistant than the First Century. So we tell ourselves.

So the tiny pot gets smaller, and the seed confined to shrinking spaces.

It’s no coincidence that the sower of Jesus’ parable walked up and down and scattered seed, instead of poking them one by one in little nooks and crannies.

Maybe we should try that as well.

3 thoughts on “Growing Room

  1. Randal, I want to use this in the October issue of The Bible Meditator. Do I have your permission? If so, I will change the following sentence, “Today’s society is more skeptical, more resistant that the First Century,” so that the word “that” is “than.”

    Don Ruhl

  2. Small thinking (and living) is so easy. It’s also restricting, boring, and contrary to what God has in mind for us. Thanks for exposing behaviors and excuses that confine us!

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