While The Maiden stayed in Sao Paulo this weekend, we received a visit from an old friend from the Belo Horizonte area, our brother in Christ Alexandre, who began the work in the suburb city of Contagem. We’ve known him and his wife for many years, and have taught in the Contagem church a couple of times, at least.

Alexandre arrived Saturday morning. After a late breakfast, I showed him my office, and we ran some errands with Vicki. Jorge and Paula, with son Daniel, were coming through on their way to the men’s/women’s meetings in Taubaté, so they stopped in and lunched with us.

We all went to the Taubaté meets at 4 p.m., held in a sister’s house. (About 50 minutes from our house.) Her husband is an unfaithful disciple, but he and their youngest son sat in on the meeting. Alexandre spoke on Psalm 32, then several brothers encouraged the man of the house to return to Christ. We wrapped up with a few administrative items which Ricardo had noted.

Paula taught the women’s class this month. Six women were present, and seven men. Humberto and Aline had arrived for the meetings, but just as they were pulling up, a couple called them to confirm a Bible study, so they left to give preference to evangelism over fellowship.

Ricardo presented his wife Marilia, who’d had a birthday a few days earlier, with roses, and, since the International Woman’s Day had occurred earlier in the week, brought a rose for each husband to present to his wife.

As usual, everybody brought a little something to eat, so after the meetings we had Vicki’s chicken salad sandwiches and her brownies, and I also saw some other snack items like chicken pastries and cheese bread, a cake, with a coke to wash it down. By 8 p.m. we were home again. (You don’t pop in and out of meetings here.)

The next morning, Jorge continued his series in the Bible school on Ephesians. Alexandre preached on paying attention to life, to God, and to self. We lunched at the mall together, with Jorge, Paula and Daniel, came home for coffee and brownies, then headed out about 3 p.m. to Taubaté for the meeting at 4 p.m. On the way we caught some of that tropical torrential rain, so we were late in arriving. Alexandre had planned a different sermon, but Jorge encouraged him to preach the same one in the afternoon and he heeded the plea.

Both times Alexandre preached close to 40 minutes, I’d guess. His lesson, based on Romans 8, was very well presented and organized, and warmly received.

Since Alexandre had set up with Jorge to return to São Paulo with them, everyone stopped in one of SJCampos’ malls for a snack. We opted for Subway, which Alexandre had never experienced. They headed for the capital, and Vicki and I arrived home around 8 p.m. I showered and caught up on emails, The Maiden caught the 8:30 p.m. bus from São Paulo, so I picked her up about 9:40 at the bus station. We spent a couple of hours catching up with her adventures since the nine days previous when she left for the holiday camp. Sometime after midnight we called it quits and retired.

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