GraceGrace takes care of sin, breaks its power, releases from its condemnation. But some take a lax approach to sin because of grace. After all, God is going to forgive, regardless — so they think. Such an approach comes close to the attitude that Paul anticipates when he writes about grace.

What shall we say then? Are we to remain in sin so that grace may increase?
Romans 6.1 NET

Paul uses baptism to show how saints must not sin since they died to it. It’s probably not a coincidence that progressives (their self-denomination, accurate since they progress beyond the teaching of Christ) use grace to blanket their sin while at the same time making baptism only a symbolic act.

Repentance gets short-changed, while sin gets accepted. The list of unacceptable sin gets abbreviated.

It is no coincidence that Paul talks at length in chapter 6 about obedience and being a slave of righteousness, which leads to sanctification and eternal life. For grace that does not talk obedience is no grace at all.

Father, may I never wink at sin, nor use grace to justify my transgression.

Hold this thought: Dead to sin, how can I fail to close / Its door, to open the fount from whence grace flows?

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4 thoughts on “Grace does not truck with sin

  1. This is the TRUTH that sets one free from the subtle doctrine orchestrated by the devil, brewed from the pit of hell and unfortunately embraced by the progressives who use grace as blanket for sin, which is wildly spreading as an epidemic in the church today. Grace liberates from sin.
    The ultimate essence of Christ’s death on the cross of Calvary and His subsequent resurrection whereby divine grace is now released unto mankind is to SET MAN FREE from SIN. The moment Christ is truly enthroned in ones heart by faith after genuine repentance from sin, the chains and shackles of sin in ones life is broken. Sin ceases to have DOMINION over one’s life thenceforth. The power of God is released to the believer in the inner man through the divine GRACE of God which enables him resist the authority of sin all the time.

  2. Yes! the cleansing power in the blood of Jesus has the potential of washing the vilest of sinners whiter than snow and keep him pure through grace.

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