The many wonders of the gospel

A new group, and a Bible study (or sermon) outline.

Last night we began our evangelistic group study in the city of Taubate, in the home of our brother Haroldo.

Four non-Christian visitors participated, so we were pleased with that.

Haroldo moved to this house some months ago, after living with his mother, and expressed interest in using his new quarters for a study. After getting things in order, and getting our schedules coordinated, we finally were able to begin.

The initial idea for last night’s study came from Wayne Barrier’s article, “The Church: Measures of Greatness,” in The Voice of Truth International, vol. 50, pp. 44-45. But I started with the idea of the ancients’ seven wonders of the world, and did my own little outline beginning with the letter “p”. Here it is:

  1. The greatest participants — the humble (Matthew 18:1-4);
  2. The greatest positions — service (Matthew 20:20-28);
  3. The greatest principles — love for God and neighbor (Matthew 22:34-40);
  4. The greatest Power — the all-authoritative Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20);
  5. The greatest people — the one and durable church (Matthew 16:18).

Maybe this outline might be useful to you in some setting, or for your personal edification.

Pray for the people who heard these truths, for the success of this group, and that many will be saved from these efforts.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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