What are Jesus’ last words in John’s gospel?

A peteca is played like badmitten with the hand
A peteca is played like badmitten with the hand

Maybe it’s not for nothing that the last words of the Lord Jesus in John’s gospel are these, meant for Peter:

As for you, follow me.
João 21.22

John wrote his gospel to encourage the disciples to be faithful: “so that you may continue to believe” (NLT).

There’s no better way to strength one’s faith than by considering Jesus. Apparently, John thought so when he decided to write his gospel.

To the disciple who lets the peteca fall to the ground, as did Peter, Jesus ends by saying, “Follow me!”

To his friend who keeps wondering what the other person’s life will be like, the Lord brings the focus back to its proper subject: “Follow me!”

To him who wants to know what will happen in the future, He who wields all power in heaven and earth says, “Follow me!”

Now that you know the story of Jesus and the plan of God and the work of his Spirit, there is only one thing lacking for you to do: “Follow me!”

J. Randal Matheny

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