My good friend Joe and John and Jerry, &c.

Some people try to come across as being important by calling famous people or just a lot of people their friends. It’s “my friend” this and “my friend” that. Ever noticed it? It just feels fake. So I avoid doing that online. I recommended Weylan’s good crucifixion article on the WashTimes site this morning and wrote “my friend Weylan.” I almost removed the phrase, “my friend.” I do consider him a friend and trust he so considers me, but I didn’t want to come across in a false way. Ever feel that, too?

• I seldom set an alarm, but I often wake up on the hour or half hour, exactly. I put my feet on the floor, look over at the clock on the other side of the bed, hidden from me by pillows and a snoozing head, and the numbers are often at :00 or :30. The programmed mind is an amazing thing. We program it and it follows our instructions, whether they be positive or negative. “I’m so stupid.” “I’ll never get going (or get slimmer, or the house clean, or this job done, or whatever). “I’m stuck in a rut.” These are programming statements.

• One more reason we need Scripture. We need constant reprogramming. We need spiritual, positive, divine thoughts to direct our mind’s attention. The Scripture is more than this, but it is this, too.

• Will preach Sunday in SJCampos for the second time in as many weeks, a rare thing to happen here. Richard Mansel mentioned that the men in his congregation were capable of preaching and teaching, which is the right thing to have. And here the men rotate in the pulpit, as well as in Bible classes. I filled in for Jorge last week, this week is my regular slot.

• My sermon text is Acts 11.27-30, short but full of lessons and applications. Agabus the prophet. Help sent to Judea, as each one was able. Sent to the elders. Going to connect the prophecy to Peter’s vision in chap. 10. God wants us to evangelize everyone. He also wants us to show solidarity with our brethren. He made his point in both cases by miraculous means.

• We got the domain name for Believing Prayer set up, new website for that. I’ll be tinkering for a while on it, but sign up over there, as I’ve been posting prayers for a good while. Shortly, also, the prayer requests and lists will be added to it. Now to tackle the new FPress site.

• Late nights, early mornings, now for over a week. Last night, it was after 1 a.m., then I was up at 6 sharp. So I think I just might take me a power nap.

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J. Randal Matheny

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  1. Enjoyed reading this, Randal. It was a good break for a few moments on my work on Catholicism (in June).

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