Good definition of baptism

… from this Bible site:

Baptism means “to put a person or a thing completely into something else (for example, into water)”.

It describes fairly well the basic meaning of baptism. Of course, if the word were translated rather than transliterated, they wouldn’t have to define/describe it.

Then, of course, the explanation of the reason for immersion leaves much to be desired.

J. Randal Matheny

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4 thoughts on “Good definition of baptism

  1. I would like to ask a question. If a person is saved & has suicidal thoughts & maybe carry it thru, what are your thoughts?

  2. Hi, Adam. I’m not sure I understood your question. I assume you’re asking about the eternal destiny of such a person.

    First, we must recognize that God is judge. He has not spoken directly on the question of a person’s destiny who commits suicide. So we must leave the final sentence up to him. That’s true in everybody’s case, isn’t it?

    Second, most people make conclusions about suicide from the truth that life is God’s to give and take. It is not an individual’s right to say when a life may be taken, except when God has so determined or delegated that right, as in the case of government (see Romans 13).

    Since suicide presents to us a “done deal,” it doesn’t seem to me to be useful then to speculate on that person’s destiny. Our efforts would be better spent at helping those who feel their lives have no meaning nor purpose. There, we have much to say, that God offers fullness of life in Christ.

    I hope this is helpful.

  3. Excellent, Mike. I should have thought to check your archives. Thank you for contributing this. I especially (dangerous to single out, all of it so good) appreciate point #2 and the conclusion.

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