Gone is the tree

When we moved to this house 11 years ago, the ficus, as Brazilians call it, was just a bush.

We didn’t know it would grow into a large tree and tear up our entrance way to the house and the carport. We have a pic of Leila beside the little bush (will try to scan it later), when she was, at that age, larger than it. Here it was Thursday.

Yesterday, after months of tangling with the city bureaucracy (which I won’t even go into), they finally sent out a team and cut it down. It was a beautiful tree, made a wonderful shade, and neighbors shamelessly parked underneath it. It also kept our carport filled with debris, leaves and limbs. It was sad to see it cut down, nonetheless.

Next to it is/was an ipê amarelo, one of the most beautiful trees when in bloom. (See examples here and here.)  At the moment, it’s scrawny, since the ficus dominated over it, but perhaps it will fill out.

Soon, a new pic with the tree gone and the ipê stretching upward.

J. Randal Matheny

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