Most of what you’ll read about church leadership has been recycled from the business world by evangelical writers. Don’t count on finding much that will match biblical, Christian servanthood and discipleship. For starters, the language is all wrong. Do we still care about talking about Bible things with Bible words?

Randal’s Rules of Fine Dining: The messier the filling, the quicker it will slide out of your sandwich. I’ve always wanted to ask Queen Elizabeth how she deals with that. The Duke of Sandwich deserves noon-time imprecations.

• Brethren naturally want to get the good word out about their efforts. We get quite a few requests at to advertise events. But we’re a news portal, about what has already happened. Guess how many of those same folk think to send us news of their event after the fact? Short-sightedness, d’ya suppose?

• It’s amusing, sometimes, when people read a news report on BNc, then zip off a note on the Contact page thinking they’re addressing a person mentioned in the report. “Joe, glad to read about your work and find you, send me your email!”

• When a man talks about Tide, be assured he’s not talking about washing powders.

• Some record-holders would just as soon pass on the honor. The state of Alabama holds the record for the most E-5 tornadoes of any state.

• Writers, teachers, and preachers know the experience of thinking that an article, class, or sermon will really touch people, but not a word or comment is said. Then one may come out with a poor or mediocre item, and it gets rave reviews. Just happened to me, again. Goes to show how little I know, and how God uses the smallest, the least, the humblest things to touch others.

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