God’s immutability is not immobility

God’s immutability is not immobility, but His unswerving determination to fulfill His promises, no matter what. Yahweh is not bound by the past; rather, He has bound Himself to a future of His own choosing. — via Peter J. Leithart’s Exhortation.

Nice turn of a phrase for a great truth. That God does not change does not mean that God does not act. On the contrary, God moves time toward the future and molds the future according to his plans.

That future, of course, is bound up in the work of Jesus Christ. It will culminate in his coming. The end, or goal, of God’s plan is the end, or termination, of this world and his people’s entrance into the eternal kingdom.

The apparent instability of politics and the gradual degradation of society would give us reason for despair, but that God cannot be swerved from his purpose infuses our hearts with the sharpest and clearest hope.

Based on his immutability, we steady the course in our message and mission.

J. Randal Matheny

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